We'll help you find workers' compensation insurance in Frisco & Plano, TX

Be Prepared for an Accident on the Job

Accidents at work can happen at any time. Are you prepared to support your family if you're injured at your Frisco or Plano, TX job? North Texas Insurance Agency can help you find an insurance policy that can replace your income and help you with your medical expenses while you recover. Discuss your options with us today for peace of mind if you're injured at work.

Covered injuries

You may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits if you experience:

  • Physical injuries, including exposure to dust, toxins, hearing loss and repetitive motion injuries
  • Preexisting conditions that get worse because of your workplace environment
  • Injuries that happen during breaks, lunch hours and work-sponsored activities
  • Injuries caused by your company's facilities
  • Injuries that come from mental and physical work strain

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