Property and Casualty Insurance for Your Small Business in Frisco & Plano, TX

Property and Casualty Insurance for Your Small Business in Frisco & Plano, TX

North Texas Insurance Agency can provide two coverage plans for your business for the price of one

Property insurance and casualty insurance are two very different types of coverage, but they each offer essential elements to keep your business running smoothly.

Property insurance covers the structure of your business as well as the equipment and inventory inside. Casualty insurance covers the medical, legal and settlement costs that could arise if an injury or damage occurs at your business.

At North Texas Insurance Agency, we can make a combination of property coverage and casualty coverage that works best for you. Call 972-712-7100 for more information on our insurance packages and financing options.

Where does your business fall on the property and casualty insurance scale?

Every industry is different, and that means every business has its own set of potential risks for injury or damage. Check out this list of common industries and associated risks to help you discover the kind of coverage you may need for your growing business:

  • Food, construction, landscaping or transportation industries: high risk of injury on the job.
  • Factory work, food, oil or coal industries: high risk of damage to property.
  • Legal work or journalism: high risk of advertising injury.

Regardless of the field you are in, North Texas Insurance Agency offers packages for any business and any budget. Call 972-712-7100 to schedule your appointment today.